The Three Fates (The Empress of Rome, #3.5) books by Kate Quinn

The Three Fates (The Empress of Rome, #3.5) (Rating: 2 - 284 votes)

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Title:The Three Fates (The Empress of Rome, #3.5)
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(Rating: 2 - 284 votes)
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Category:historical fiction

Kate Quinn The Three Fates (The Empress of Rome, #3.5)

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC The Three Fates (The Empress of Rome, #3.5) books The Three Fates Beloved Emperor Trajan is dead. His brutal successor Hadrian draws ever nearer to Rome. And three desperate souls try to forge new paths in a world turned upside down . . . THE EMPERORS NEMESIS. Battered warrior Vix has always been Hadrians bitter enemy, and he vows that will never change, even when he is made Praetorian Guard and Imperial watchdog. But with his familys lives on the line, Vix faces a bitter choice: kill a friend, or serve a foe? THE EMPERORS RIVAL. Mild, scholarly Titus might once have been favored as Imperial heir, but he never wanted the throne. All he desires is peace in the arms of his new bridebut the jealous Hadrian has other ideas. A horror of bloodshed and violence interrupts Tituss wedding night, and the man of peace finds a choice at sword-point: honor and death, or betrayal and a cell? THE EMPERORS WIFE. Elegant, elusive Sabina is desperate to escape the bleak future that awaits her as Hadrians Empress, and even more desperate to conceal the secret growing in her own body. But when she begs a famous seer for a glimpse into her future, she receives an astonishing vision of the Eternal City under Hadrians rule, and the new Empress must choose: her own freedom, or the glory of Rome? Three former friends find new futures in blood, omen, and prophecy. Three prequel vignettes to Kate Quinns long-awaited "Lady of the Eternal City."

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